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The Star of the Show

Beautiful, elegant, and playful. Jewel is an amazing pet and mother, she is the matriarch of the liters. She is an unregistered purebred snow lynx female from TICA registered parents. She is unregistered due to breeding rights restrictions. She is curious, loving, happy, and smart. When left alone she could be anywhere loving up on someone or sneaking around the kitchen. She is a protective mother with deep instincts and creates quality forever kittens. 



Cute and cuddly

Our newest addition to the family, Gem is always playing and is very loving with everyone around her. She is calm and timid at times, but will keep you laughing with her constant energy. She prefers to be on your lap relaxing, or hunting toys in her tunnels. She is an unregistered pure bred snow lynx from registered parents, due to breeding rights. Her colors are beautiful and distinct, her fur carriers the classic bengal shin. 

Females: Females
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