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Available Animals


Dotty-not available

Such beautiful spots on this girl. She loves sneaking and scaring her brother, or hunting a new toy. A great appetite and a sweet personality. Dotty is not always the bravest, but is definitely pick of the litter for looks.


Marbs-not available

So smart and independent. Marbles thinks before he acts, and never turns down a good petting. His expression reflects his thoughtful nature and keeps him out of trouble. A true sweet heart through and through.


Choco-not available 

The first marbled brown, what a special kitten! He is a healthy, active, competitive boy who doesn’t have any trouble keeping up with his big brother. Choco is probably sleeping cuddled up with his sister or seeking a new adventure in mom’s shadow. 


Shadow- not available 

The most beautiful pattern of dark and light spots. Don’t miss out on the chance to own the sweet shadow. 


Luna- not available 

Whether it’s breakfast time or nap time, Luna can be found doing her own thing on her own time. Her diamond tip fur shines in every light and her easygoing attitude, look for her resting right where she looks most adorable! 


Brownie- not available 

The queen of the litter, and always looking for a little love. She is gentle, curious, and will lovingly head-butt you when she is ready for her happy cuddles. A girl version of her father, she will make everyone in the family treasure the time spent cherishing her. 


Ivory- not available

Ivory is his brothers shadow, never first but always watching. He is gentle and calm…but leave him alone for a minute and he will turn belly up for some love! He spends most of his time on his back or reaching up for a good scratch. 


Chip- not available as of 1/21/24

A chip off the old block, he is just like dad. A boy who is perfect for kids and other pets.  


Snowy- not available as of 1/15/24

Always the first to breakfast and playing through to dinner. Snowy is fun and ready to explore.


Tiggy- not available as of 1/31/24

Soft, smart, and beautiful like a tiger. Tiggy will impress and make you feel like a tiny loving tiger is all yours! 


Slate- not available as of 4/26/24

Slate takes the cake! He is calm and smart, ragdoll tendencies like his mom when being held. Never shy for some attention and curious with kids. 


Apollo- available 

Cuddly with kids and will always let you know where he is at. Wants to be in your lap hanging out or exploring in your arms. A true loving addition to your family


Sterling- not available as of 5/29/24

Piercing blue eyes, as soft and smart as his mother. Sterling is quiet but kind, and always looking for a little fun. 


Midnight- available 

A rare dark marbled male! He acts just like his father; loving, playful, gentle, and curious. Will impress everyone of your guests while also being a perfect forever pet for your household. 


Cheetah- not available as of 5/4/24

The only female of the litter, she is such a beauty with light brown fur and tight spots. Keeps up with all her brothers while maintaining her cool calm presence. She loves being held and quietly observed all around her. 

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